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1 on 1 Fitness Training

This program is for anyone who desires to exercise but does not feel comfortable doing it on their own. Our extensive knowledge and skill set allows us to design and implement exercise programs for your specific needs. This may include weight loss, increasing your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and improving your overall physical fitness. An Exercise Physiologist will be by your side every step of the way, motivating and instructing you towards achieving your goals.

For those who have experience and desire to exercise on their own we offer exercise prescriptions created by an Exercise Physiologist. These exercise prescriptions will be built on the foundations of valid exercise science and designed to meet your specific needs. We do not use cookie cutter workout plans or gimmicks. Together we will ensure proper progress is being made throughout the length of your exercise prescription. How it works: undergo our physical fitness assessment, receive your exercise prescription, meet with us periodically to evaluate effectiveness and make modifications, and achieve your goals!

*Permission from your physician is required prior to joining this program.

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