Leslie E. Burns CPT
Fitness Director

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Christopher W. Kushner CEP
Center Manager

    Mr. Kushner is a co-founder of Prescription Exercise, LLC and is responsible for the company’s policies and procedures. He is a qualified, and certified, Clinical Exercise Physiologist who specializes in designing physical fitness and rehabilitation programs for a wide range of populations including patients with severe cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic disease. Mr. Kushner is an experienced director and manager of exercise and therapy facilities. His philosophy and methods are evidenced based and supported by scientific literature. This approach was developed while working as a research and teaching assistant in the human performance laboratory at Adelphi University, where he earned a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Cardiac Rehabilitation.


    Mr. Kushner currently teaches several courses in the Fitness Specialist program at Suffolk County Community College. He has also taught Physiology of Exercise, Human Structure and Function, Nutrition, and Biomechanics at Dowling College. Prior to joining our team he worked at OXYGYM for 9 years, initially performing cardiopulmonary graded exercise tests utilizing a 12 lead EKG, eventually becoming the director of rehabilitation and supervisor of the clinical staff. Prior to these experiences Mr. Kushner was the director of sports fitness programs at the Rinx in Hauppauge, for 10 years, where he trained professional and amateur athletes of all ages. During this time he consulted and instructed for several sports medicine facilities, working with a variety of populations including patients recovering from spinal surgery and other musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.

Anthony Lojo, B.S., C.E.P.

Director of Health and Fitness 

   Mr. Lojo has been part of Prescription Exercise, LLC since the very beginning. As an intern Mr. Lojo dedicated his time and perfected his craft of providing safe and quality exercise programs. During his tenure as an intern he was completing his degree at Adelphi University in the field of Exercise Physiology. He has been a cornerstone of the Prescription Exercise family and is now the lead physiologist. As a qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologist who specializes in performing physical fitness assessments and creating exercise prescriptions Mr. Lojo has superior knowledge and skills to provide the absolute best individualized exercise programs. Mr. Lojo is devoted to providing excellent quality of care for his patients.


   Mr. Lojo earned his Bachelor's degree, from Adelphi University, in Exercise Physiology. Aside from the rigorous academic requirements, he had extensive hands on experience in training a wide range of populations and designing customized exercise programs for his clients. Throughout his schooling career he interned at OXYGYM, a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility, in which he worked side by side with Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Respiratory Therapists in providing a safe exercise environment for patients with severe cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic diseases.