Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

   A Wellness Coach is your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. With a combination of wellness, nutrition and fitness programs, a sustainable healthy lifestyle change and weight loss is within your reach. Prescription Exercise has formed a professional alliance with HealthyLivingNetworking  in providing a trustworthy and proven nutritional and wellness service. Healthy Living Networking's priority is to work with clients to help them create happy and healthy lives in a way that is flexible and fun, free of denial and deprivation. They will work with you to make gradual, lifelong changes enabling you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

  The main aspect of Healthy Living Networking is the personal consultations and counseling services. It is a process to explore and discover who you are, what you value in your life and what is fulfilling to you. You will Move through obstacles that have held you back from attaining your optimum health and weight. We discuss meal planning ,preparation, and making healthier decisions while dining out. Teaching, a new awareness of  body,  mind,  and spirit. The gain, will be the knowledge and  the ability to push yourself to new limits  in each discipline. I take a very balanced and open approach to Food,  Exercise and Spirituality. You’ll find  something that meets your needs and  blends with your personality, hopes, and  goals. 

    Some say they have no time to cook healthy meals. Healthy Living Networking provides a food preparation service that provides a delicious and nutritious meal. Healthy meals are prepared fresh daily, for your convenience and enjoyment. These meals are portioned and balanced to fit the Healthy Living Networking Lifestyle. Eating healthy has never been so easy The prepared meals can cater to to PH Balance, Gluten free, Ketogenic & Paleo Disciplines.

"Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all phases of healthy living lifestyles, including mind, body, and spirit."